It is not surprising.

Lately just touches the other Russian authors who marvel at the inadequacy of the Russian authorities, who withdrew from solving problems of a huge country in terms of the epidemic. Not provide citizens with a basic masks that sent the population in paid for by employers a month’s leave, calling people’s requests for help in looting, abandoned to their fate thousands of Russians caught up in the pandemic in other countries… And so on – the list is huge.

I understand that some of the authors surprised, it’s probably deliberate; it is a journalistic trick to clearer, more contrast to tell the difference between European governments that provides real and considerable assistance to its citizens – and these, I do not know what to call them drug dealers, the true marauders, who seized power in the state and the state itself made the instrument of not only his crimes, but total looting of the state.

It is known that Putin genuinely believes that the much-vaunted Western countries has the same structure as anywhere in the world democracy and freedom, these are all beautiful labels, invented by the local rulers for their brainwashed “cattle”. It is his hard-won belief, he justifies his authoritarian style of rule and his crimes. All tarred with the same brush, just Western leaders more agile imitate the Democrats, and in fact all such as it is – liars, hypocrites, thieves and bandits.

The incident is now a pandemic – a moment of truth for Putin. She like no other clearly highlighted his delusional beliefs. Western governments are spending now to 15-20 percent of GDP of their countries to help disadvantaged people and business, and domestic GDP, requiring employers to pay the Russians the quarantine leave, is not willing to activate a single pod, dancenow in fat zero. But how many it was at one time talk of a windfall from oil and gas exports are stored in the bins homeland for a rainy day.

It would seem that if what is happening today is not a rainy day – that rainy day?

It would seem that if you announce a month’s leave with pay, and recupere a jug, and pay the salary of accumulated fat zero means.

But the Russian mother does not want to go into the bins.

As it happens in Europe, tell on the example of Germany (Bavaria).

Entrepreneurs who are now forced to remain idle, can apply and receive grant aid per quarter proportionate to their income during this time. If the firm has employees, and payroll accounting for them.

Not to be unfounded, here is a specific gradation of payments “Soforthilfe” (“Immediate assistance”) of the Bavarian government. Scroll almost to the bottom and click the “Soforthilfe der Höhe” (“the Size of immediate aid”) and you will see the following sign payments to firms or enterprises depending on the number of people employed in it:

– up to 5 working – 9.000 euros

– up to 10 employees – 15.000 Euro

– up to 50 employees – € 30,000

– up to 250 employees – EUR 50.000.

Help, as I said, issued in the quarter, after three months, if the situation is not stabiliziruemost, it will be possible to ask again for help.

Once again I draw the attention of readers, especially the reader Vladimir Putin (we directly represent, as he reads the website Каспаров.Ru): forced simple owner of the company and its employees compensate the Bavarian government!

The application for assistance is made in 5-10 minutes online, no red tape, no supporting documents you require, just bring your tax identification number and, according to the testimony of those who have already received this money in your Bank account list almost the next day.

The Network is widely dispersed post Alexander Mindlin, living in Berlin (leads tours through the capital of Germany), about the assistance that he and other entrepreneurs have had in Germany. And he realised for the first time for such a thing as “State”. In contrast to the USSR where he was born and grew up, and which only reproached him: “We raised you, we taught you, now you’re obligated, obliged, obliged… for the good of the country.”

As they say, without words. Nothing to comment.

But back to where I began these notes with the surprise of some Russian authors – one deliberate, one absolutely sincere – the actions, or rather inaction of Putin and the Russian government in the conditions because of the troubles that have affected virtually without exception Russians.

Want to ask wonder: where did these theoretical assumptions and even expectations that these guys could share with their fellow citizens honestly stolen and the sweat cut?

Their “common Fund” as it is known, is at least two trillion dollars. Purchased personally by Putin tireless work in the galleys – at least two hundred billion. Why they need so many? – To live comfortably? Obviously, neither two trillion over the composition of the lake co-op, nor two hundred billion personally by Putin can’t be used, eaten and drunken, they lived not one, but ten lives. And not only they themselves, but their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

From this it follows that the main feature characterizing these guys are pathological, with no reasonable, rational explanation for greed. And from them it was possible to expect that in difficult times they give us something to share with the country?

It regards the purely economic side of the issue.


I don’t understand – how can someone be surprised by the indifference of Putin and his accomplices to the problems of Russia and the Russians who have appeared in the epidemic, when this gang back in the fall of ‘ 99, six months before the first election of Putin in presidents, blew up houses with sleeping citizens, to seize power!?

Blessed is he whom Putin, 20 years after, and following a series of crimes, maybe even something surprising.

All the cries and groans, sounding articles on the subject, – a shameless President and the government don’t help people, he abandoned them to their fate in a moment of crisis – you can comment on one sentence:


And never has this Maxim been so true as it is today against the Russians. Even against the Germans under Hitler it was not unconditional – because the Germans, in addition to the Goebbels-radio and similar Newspapers, no alternative information was not. And the Russians today, in addition to Soloviev-Kiselev-TV, there are hundreds of other sources of information.

The Russians deserve this power from the very beginning, in 2000-m to year, selecting the presidential chief of “russish Gestapo” organization killed millions of their fellow citizens, and right in front of them staged the bombings, what the Russians told shown on NTV on the eve of elections, the documentary film “Ryazan sugar” (the film, in fact, for those who have their brains had to after the “Ryazan history” lay down “2” and “2” and draw appropriate conclusions) – and they still voted for him. Such a population of nothing but contempt, not causes.

And even more disdain evoke the best of the best democratic pastors who, instead of screaming screaming, screaming as the Cassandra of our time Marina salie and Valeria Novodvorskaya, what not the red Gestapo to choose a presidential, fervently convinced that the population in honesty and integrity vsesousnogo to the galleys of the candidate.

And further tragedies and crimes of the regime, “Kursk”, “Nord-OST”, Beslan, the list goes on – has not led the Russians in a sense.

The Russians are at best indifferent, silent, and many even rejoiced when they came for the Ukrainians.

The same thing happened when they came for the Syrians.

The time had now come, when they came for the Russians themselves.

Do I have to ask and wonder how it so happened that they also came?

However, the majority of Russians in emphasis does not see the connection between the past crimes of the regime – and the present ills of the country, disregard for the people by the President and the government. And many still believe, although without the same euphoria that the Crimea to return to home port was necessary, and to establish in Ukraine the “Russian spring”.

However, ignorance of the law of the boomerang in any way will not prevent its inevitable return.

PS You will not believe it – I had to send this material to Каспаров.Ru as it was reported that Putin has promised to small and medium businesses to provide grant state aid to pay salaries to its employees, based on the calculation 12130 rubles per person. I have the feeling that he has read my article before it is published, to see my direct address to the reader, Vladimir Putin, and thus were quick to refute my nefarious assumptions about his unwillingness to uncorking a jug and share with the Russians honestly stolen.

Now compare promised on the nose amount of 145 euros at today’s exchange rate – with the payments provided by the government of Bavaria. Even if we assume that these 12 thousand are actually paid – you can imagine how much the owners of firms have to go through circles of bureaucratic hell to get them – the rest of the wages for the idle time of the company still they will have to pay out of pocket?

Vadim S. zaydman