In the command of the Lugansk militia appealed to all members of the army of Ukraine, residing in the Donbass, urging them to join the armed forces with LC.

This became known from the statement of the representative of the LPR militia Andrey Marochko, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to him, the current armed forces of Ukraine cannot be regarded as an army. While the current leaders of the Ministry of defense are criminals who force the soldiers to attack civilian towns and settlements. Moreover, the command shamelessly robs subordinates.

The representative of the militia draws attention to verification from Kiev, revealed a significant theft of funds intended for the military. Soon Ukrainian soldiers can do to remain without power, not to mention equipment .

“In this regard, we call APU fighters: go to the ranks of the national police LNR, where you will be provided with complete uniforms and three meals a day,” said Marochko.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed as the command of the self-proclaimed LNR revealed the fact of serious transfer of the forces of Kiev near the Village of Lugansk. In particular, near the settlement where the KPVV, was discovered armed units of the security forces, “Right sector”, tanks and other armored vehicles.