Yuri Stilski

Yuri Stilski supported the holding of fair elections in Belarus.

– The fact that Belarusians were deceived four times in a row, made sure of everything – even retirees. That Lukashenko will not get the blue hands to hold on to power, too, heard all. But the situation is negative, – said Yuri Stilski, the leader of the group “Give daroga!”. – Detain activists, thrown rivals.

Noting that, in his opinion, in the world, “there are no people who would want to be fooled again,” the musician said that one is able to decide what will be the election, writes gazetaby.com.

– For all the time we were not as strong as it is now. Freedom to political prisoners! Long Live Belarus! said Stilski.

Previously, the group “Give daroga!” was supported by digital flash mob “I 97%” — in solidarity with those who stand for fair elections.