Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa/ Global Look Press

The leader of the national team of Russia in skeleton Alexander Tretyakov during the starting acceleration in the first race at the European Championships in the Austrian IPSE out of the rut and fell. The athlete was able to finish, but finished last and were not included in the number of participants at the second attempt. The European championship takes place in the framework of the fifth stage of the world Cup.

“The second stage in a row I have problems at the start. In Winterberg am I out of the rut, but now it was very tough for the first time in his career happened to me like that! At that moment experienced offense, a lot of bad words were in my head” — quoted Tretyakov “R-Sport”.

The European champion was the winner eight of the last draws of world Cup Latvian Martins Dukurs. Russian Nikita Tregubov won the silver medal . In addition to Dumars he lost on the road to the world Cup young song Bina, but the result is the athletes from South Korea were not included in the standings of the European championship. Russian Vladislav Marchenkov took 12th place at the world Cup and was eighth in the standings of the continental championship.