The Europeans United and strong, hundreds of millions of people in Europe have the advantage to live in a broader Union, which overcame the disagreement yesterday, said adopted on Saturday in Rome political Declaration of the 27 member States of the EU, gathered in the Italian capital on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

“We are determined together to face the challenges put forward by the rapidly changing world and to offer our citizens at the same time safety and new opportunities. The European Union is facing unprecedented challenges at the international level, and in terms of internal and regional conflicts, terrorism, growing migration pressure, protectionism, social and economic inequality,” notes signed by the heads of States and governments of 27 countries and heads of EU institutions document.

European leaders promise to its citizens to strengthen the European Union and prove that the EU builds greater unity and solidarity . “Unity is both a necessity and a free choice”, – stated in the Declaration. The document notes that only a United front gives Europe a better chance to cope with the global dynamics and to defend European values and common interests.

“We will act jointly and, if necessary, in different tempos and with different intensity, while moving in the same direction, as we did in the past in accordance with the contracts, and leaving the door open for those who wish to join us later. Our Union is indivisible”, – the document says.

It is expected in the next 10 years to make the EU “more secure, prosperous, competitive, caring about sustainable development and social responsibility,” which would have the will and the ability “to play the role of the first plan in the world, and impact on globalization”.

“We want Union in which citizens would have new opportunities in terms of cultural and social development and enjoys the benefits from economic growth. We wish Union, which will remain open for European countries respect and support our values,” said European leaders signed their Declaration.

It sets out the goals already announced in EU in preparation for the anniversary summit in Rome.

EU States want a “safe and secure Europe”, a Union where all citizens feel safe and can move freely. Union, whose external borders are protected and which has an effective and responsible immigration policy that respects international norms. It must be a Union determined to fight against terrorism and organized crime.

The next goal is to build an Alliance that promotes sustainable economic growth through investment, structural reforms and efforts towards the completion of economic and monetary Union. The Rome Declaration provides for the Union, have secured energy at affordable prices while maintaining a clean and safe environment.

It should be a prosperous and configured on the sustainable development of Europe, the Union, promoting economic growth and creating jobs, having a strong single market. The Union, which is evolving, adapting to technological changes, and in which a single stable and even more currency strengthened prospects in terms of growth, cohesion, competitiveness, innovation, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Future the EU will strengthen the social component, based on sustainable economic growth, to promote economic and social progress and cohesion and convergence, without losing sight of the integrity of the internal market. This Union, as seen by the authors of the Declaration will take into account the diversity of national systems and the role of the social partners.

The EU will continue to assert equality between women and men and to work to promote the rights and equality of chances for all, fight against unemployment, discrimination, social exclusion and poverty. It should be a Union in which young people can enjoy better levels of education and training and will be able to study and find work on the continent and protecting cultural heritage and promoting cultural diversity, the document says.

European leaders see the future of the Union “stronger in the world stage.” The EU will continue to develop existing partnerships and build new and to promote stability and prosperity in the neighboring Eastern and southern countries, but also in the middle East, throughout Africa and the rest of the world. This Alliance will take on additional responsibilities and will support the creation of more integrated and competitive defence industry, enhance joint security and defense in cooperation with NATO and in addition to this organization. The future EU will continue to play an active role in the UN and safeguard the multilateral international system based on respect for the rules.

This Union will be proud of their values and will protect its population. He will promote free and equitable trade and to promote constructive global policy climate.