Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman calls on citizens of Ukraine with a minute of silence to honor those who died during the 1944 deportation of the Crimean Tatars and other peoples of the Crimea.

“I urge all compatriots today with a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of the Crimean Tatars and other peoples of the Crimea during the 1944 deportation”, – reads the statement of the Prime Minister on the occasion of Day of memory of victims of genocide of Crimean Tatar people.

The appeal says that on may 18, 1944, the Stalin regime began deportation of the Crimean Tatar people from Crimea to other Soviet republics. There were deported about 200 thousand people, almost half of whom died EN route from the inhuman conditions of carriage or in links.

“There are no words to describe the sadness and sorrow that envelops us when we hear about the extermination of entire peoples . Ukrainians are not from the history books know what genocide is and what trauma it leaves in the national consciousness. It’s an endless pain, which for generations will remain in people’s memory, influence their culture, and even socio-economic development”, – the statement says.

Hroisman noted that today the Crimean Tatar people suffered a new problem: in occupied Crimea to harass and harassment of Crimean Tatar activists, prohibits peaceful Assembly, the occupying power does not allow to honor the memory of victims of deportation.

“This is our common problem and challenge not only our Crimean Tatar brothers and countrymen, but of the whole Ukraine and civilized world. We will never betray our Crimean Tatar brothers, shoulder to shoulder with them will struggle for life, dignity and freedom of our peoples. Together we will win!” the Prime Minister stressed.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the repressions against the Crimean Tatars continues in the annexed Russian Peninsula. “Today Ukraine honors the memory of tens of thousands of innocent victims of the Crimean Peninsula residents. 73 years ago, the Communist regime was rudely expelled from his native land of Crimean Tatars and representatives of other ethnic groups,” reads the statement published on the official website of the Ukrainian President.

“For the Ukrainian people is an open wound, which especially hurts after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Cynical disregard of international law, the Kremlin guardsmen currently massive repression to terrorize the Crimean Tatars and their Majlis, public and religious organizations… But unbowed dignity of the Crimean Tatar people opposed to this” – said Poroshenko.

The President expressed the hope that Parliament “will do everything possible to identify and the legislative recognition of the format of the Crimean Tatar autonomy in Crimea.” “Once the proposals of the Constitutional Commission, I am ready to act with the corresponding legislative initiative,” – said P. Poroshenko.

The Secretary of national security and defense Alexander Turchinov in his address noted that today’s events in the Crimea are developing according to a similar scenario. “Putin’s Russia annexing the Peninsula, trying to destroy national consciousness, historical memory, cultural traditions and dignity of the Crimean Tatars. All manifestations of disobedience and rejection of the annexation harshly suppressed, activists arrested and convicted on trumped up charges” – said in the text of the appeal.

The NSDC Secretary stressed that the aggressors at all times understood only force, so the answer can only be one strong consolidated position of all civilized countries against the aggressive manifestations of Russian foreign policy. “I am sure that Crimean Tatars and those who were forced to leave their homes and return home in the Ukrainian Crimea!”, – said A. Turchinov.