The Ukrainian team was previously defined in group B of the League of Nations.

The official site of UEFA reminded about the highly anticipated introduction of the tournament of the League of Nations, UEFA, in which 55 European teams will fight in four divisions.

The first matches will take place in September 2018, but at the end of the year will be formed the final composition of the groups in the first stage.

Previously, at the moment, the national team of Ukraine falls into group B, where they can play with Russia, Turkey, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Wales, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Turkey or Hungary.

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It is also worth noting that Russia and Ukraine can be in the same League, but not in the same group. The same applies to Armenia and Azerbaijan, if the current decisions of the UEFA Executive Committee will continue to act in conducting the draw .

Division A (four groups of three teams): Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, England, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Division B (four groups of three teams): Ireland, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Wales, Ukraine, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary.

Division C (one group of three teams and three groups of four teams): Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Israel, Serbia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Albania, Scotland, Montenegro, Norway, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Armenia.

Division D (four groups of four teams): Estonia, Finland, Belarus, Georgia, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Kosovo, Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar.

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The League of Nations, the UEFA (UEFA Nations League) — the future of the international football tournament among teams of Europe which will be held under the guidance of UEFA. The first is scheduled for 2018 in time corresponding to the end of the world Cup in 2018. The tournament will apply the principles of promotion and relegation in. The frequency of carrying out tournament every 2 years, identifying the winner, in odd-numbered years.