The main buyer of the Ukrainian subsidiary Bank Sberbank will be the son of the owner of the oil company “RussNeft” Mikhail Gutseriev said, the message of the Latvian Norvik Banka, which will also take part in the transaction.

Sberbank on Monday evening announced the sale of 100% shares of the Ukrainian subsidiary to a consortium of investors, which will include Norvik Banka (owned by businessman Grigory Guselnikov) and Belarusian private company.

“Today, AS Norvik Banka and its main shareholder, a citizen of the UK Grigory Guselnikov, have signed an agreement to participate in an investment consortium on the acquisition of the Ukrainian division of the Russian savings Bank. The majority shareholder of the new consortium became a British citizen, said he and his Belarusian company . This transaction will allow us to offer clients a service built on the European principles of quality, transparency and accessibility, while maintaining the technological level of the Bank established by the savings Bank of Russia”, – said in a release Norvik Banka.

“The acquired Bank has an excellent infrastructure: the platform of the previous owner – Sberbank of Russia – had invested hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a solid basis for the development and qualitative growth of the project. My experience tells me that taking the decision to participate in it, all members of the consortium are doing a very far-sighted and profitable investment, and the Bank itself this will make a big step forward and implement many innovative projects not only in Ukraine but also in neighboring European countries”, – said S. Gutseriev, whose words are included in the release.

In the message about the kinship of the investor nothing is said, however, the biography is studying at harrow and Oxford, working in Glencore – coincides with the biography of the son of the owner of “RussNeft”.