What are the statistics on the circulation of firearms among American citizens.

The shooting of the concert in Las Vegas, which became the mass murder in US history, triggered a new debate about the circulation of weapons among American citizens.

USA are not just a world leader in the number of citizens owning firearms.

As stated in the study International journal of criminology 2014, mass shootings in America occur 11 times more frequently than in any other developed country.

However, only the summer of 2015 to summer of 2016, President Barack Obama was forced to respond to seven mass murders with firearms.

If Obama massauge after each murder raised the issue with the call to tighten control over the proliferation of arms, in his statement President Donald trump did after the massacre in Las Vegas, he did not mention about weapons, nor about the laws on control over it .

Not surprising, since in February, trump has signed a law that simplifies the procedure of purchase of weapons (including semi-automatic rifles that were found near the shooter in room) people with a history of mental illness.

The Republican party of the United States has a strong gun lobby. After the tragedy in Las Vegas the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan ordered the lowered a little flags over the U.S. Capitol, and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said: “it Is time for national mourning and prayer”.

However, as will optical New Yorker, they did not respond to the call of the minority leader in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi to the creation of a bipartisan Committee on crimes involving firearms.

Meanwhile, on Capitol hill continued preparation for adoption of the Law on heritage and improving the quality of rehabilitation of athletes.

Its name, as noted by the New Yorker, does not quite match the content of the Law simplifies the process of importing automatic rifles, transport weapons across state lines and purchase silencers.

In Ukraine, periodically raises gun theme. Since October 1, Deputy attorney General, chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that every Ukrainian must have a weapon to protect his life, because “the time is now very dynamic.”

Корреспондент.net gives the key facts and statistics relating to the possession of firearms in the United States, and crimes committed with the use of such weapons.

The first on number of weapons per person

In the report of the UN office on drugs and crime says that in the USA 88 firearms accounts for 100 people.

America for this indicator, ranked first in the world. In second place is Yemen, where for every 100 employees accounted for 54.8 firearms.

Half of all weapons in the world

The US accounts for almost half of the global volume of firearms owned by civilians. The United States, whose population constitutes less than five percent of the world’s population, accounts for 35-50 percent of firearms owned by civilians.

Since 1994 in the United States at 71 percent increase in the number of light firearms, and 38 percent of firearms in principle owned by the Americans.

The probability of death in the United States from bullets to 25 times higher

Supporters of stricter gun laws argue that the probability of death from gunshot wounds in America is 25 times higher than in other developed countries.

In the study of the journal Health Affairs says that more than 30 thousand die every year from gunshot wounds. About two-thirds of these deaths are suicides.

More than 100 thousand people per year get shot and wounded.

Most deaths from lung firearms

According to statistics from the FBI, 70 percent of murders involving firearms account for easy firearms.

Last year, 73 percent of homicides were committed with a firearm, the statistics of the FBI. This figure reached a record level.

Although the overall number of murders in the US is largely decreased in comparison with the records of the past, the proportion of murders involving firearms increased.

Half of the weapons belongs to three percent

In total half of the firearms in the United States belongs to only one third of the population, writes the Guardian, citing an unpublished report on the study conducted by Harvard and northeastern University.

This group should be a group of “superlegalized” weapon 0 approximately 7.7 million Americans, who own eight to 140 firearms.

From 230 thousand to 400 thousand firearms are stolen annually in the United States.

The U.S. is losing 45 billion for weapons

$ 2.8 billion according to the Harvard study, each year is spent on treating victims of gunshot wounds.

If you add up the cost of treatment and lost wages, according to the authors, every year crimes with firearms cost U.S. $ 45 billion.

Half of murders is happening in 127 cities

According to the Guardian, in 2015 half of murders involving firearms accounted for 127 American cities.

The proportion of the U.S. population attributable to these 127 American cities – less than a quarter.


The largest mass murder in the United States

October 1, 2017 64-year-old Steven Paddock, locked in a hotel room at the South Las Vegas and began firing on the crowd at the bottom of the audience music festival Route 91. Then he killed himself. The reasons for its action are unknown.

In the result of incident killed 59 people and injured more than 500. The tragedy in Las Vegas was the largest in U.S. history, mass murder with a firearm.

Recall other mass shootings.

2016. Club Pulse Orlando. Killed 50 people

12 June 2016 29-year-old American of Afghan origin Omar Matin attacked a gay club. He burst into the room and began to shoot at the visitors.

Police were able to enter the club just two hours after the shooting started. The attack killed 50 people, including the attacker.

2007. The dormitory of the Technical University of Virginia. 32 people were killed

16 APR 2007 armed with two guns, the native of South Korea Cho Seung-Hui entered the dormitory of the Technical University of Virginia and opened fire on students.

The incident killed 33 people, including the perpetrator, who committed suicide.

2012. School Sandy Hook, Newtown. 26 people died

14 Dec 2012 20 year old Adam Lanza shot his mother in Newtown (Connecticut), and then went to the local Sandy Hook school where he shot 20 children and six adults and then himself.

2015. Center for persons with disabilities in San Bernardino. 14 people were killed

Morning of December 2 2015 in the Californian city of San Bernardino fire. A man and a woman broke into the center for persons with disabilities, and shot and killed 14 people.

The attackers were killed in a shootout with police. The incident was recognized as a terrorist attack.