Today, June 11, became aware of the massacre in the village of Stupino in the Moscow region.

According to information provided by the interior Ministry in the Moscow region, during drinking of alcoholic drinks between residents of Stupino in the Moscow region had a quarrel, which resulted in the death of one of the parties to the conflict.

It is reported that the Russians in 1962 during a drunken quarrel stabbed his companion. His body was found by police officers on Friday evening, June 9, in one of the apartments on Pushkin street.

At present militiamen find out all the causes and circumstances of the terrible murder. The killer already arrested.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in Omsk criminal case on the pensioner, which is the Day of Victory killed his roommate. Particularly surprising is that such a crime 64-year-old woman went for the second time in my life .

We will remind, murder in Chelyabinsk was the result of a quarrel between the two men. They began their dispute in the store. But decided to go out.