Showdown in Vegas – the mass murder in U.S. history

Police said that the Paddock was planning escape routes.

Police in Las Vegas found in the car was Steven Paddock, massacre perpetrated during the festival, a large quantity of ammunition and TNT. This was in the local police announced at a special press conference on Wednesday evening, October 4.

“In the car of Stephen Paddock was found 1600 of ammunition and several containers of explosives with a total weight of 23 kilograms,” – said the police.

The police say that if the shooter Vegas managed to blow up his car, the victims would be many times more.

According to Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, the shooter had a plan to escape from the crime scene, despite the fact that he eventually killed himself. Why the police made this conclusion, Lombardo said.

A friend of the shooter, who testified, did not shed light on the motives of his action. She stated that the mass murderer was kind and gentle .

We will remind, on the night of 2 October in Las Vegas at the festival, country-music Route 91 was the mass murder in U.S. history. 64-year-old American Steven Paddock opened fire on the crowd from the hotel balcony.

According to recent reports, killed 59 people and injured 527. The perpetrator killed himself before police arrived.

According to the materials of DW.