Frenchwoman Stephanie Frapper appointed as the chief referee for the UEFA super Cup between English clubs Liverpool and Chelsea.

“The European football Union took a historic decision, entrusting Stephanie Frapper to serve on 14 August, the match for the UEFA super Cup. For the first time in the history of the arbiter, a woman will work on the big match of UEFA with participation of men’s teams,” – said the press service of the UEFA.

Assistera assistant referees are entrusted with the Frenchwoman Manuela Nicolosi and Michelle O’neill from Ireland. “Both as Trapper, worked on 7 July at the final of the women’s world Cup 2019”, – stated in the message. The fourth referee is Janet Cakir from Turkey.

The head of UEFA Aleksander Ceferin, founder expressed satisfaction with the decision on the appointment of referees. “I have repeatedly said that women’s football unlimited potential, and I’m glad that Stephanie Frapper appointed as the chief referee of the UEFA super Cup this year, along with assistants Manuela Nicolosi and Michelle O’neill,” said the Ceferin, founder.

In the match for UEFA super Cup will be used by the system videoporama arbitrators (VAR). As Videophone with Rapper will work Clement Stavrev (France), assistants which will perform Francois Lease (France), mark Borsh (Germany), and Massimiliano Irrati (Italy).

The UEFA super Cup is traditionally also the start of the new European Cup season, in the match for the trophy meet in this current winners of the UEFA Champions League (in this case Liverpool) and the UEFA Europa League (Chelsea). The match will take place in Istanbul.