Gennady Trukhanov

The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov’s order suspended the decision of the XV session of the Odessa city Council on April 26, 2017. “About the name of streets, alleys, avenues, squares, parks and other geographical objects located on the territory of the city of Odessa”. About it reports “Interfax-Ukraine” with reference to the press service of the Council.

This will be an issue for re-consideration of session of city Council after the procedure of public discussion of the relevant draft decision.

Thus, the Agency explained that the initiative of the decision was due to the fact that the signed the ex-head of Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili’s decision contained a number of errors . In particular, some of the streets whose names were changed, not subject to law “decommunisation” (Belinskogo street, Goncharova), four streets did not exist in Odessa, but the part mentioned in the decision of the former head of the state administration of streets have already been renamed previously, under the same law, moreover, has duplicated some names and place names.

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We will remind, on April 26 the Odessa city Council approved the name 1531 of the place names (streets, alleys, avenues, etc.) in Ukrainian and Russian languages, returning the name part of the streets, which renamed the then head of the Odessa regional state administration, Mikheil Saakashvili.

In particular, thus in Odessa “back” streets “of the 25th Chapayev division street and lane grandma, the street Gaidar, Belinsky, Badaeva, Tereshkova, the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov, etc., however, Karl Liebknecht was the street of the Heavenly hundred, and lane K. Libknekhta – alley of Heroes of Kruty, nine Chapaevsky lane – Starokozache alleys, etc.

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This decision has caused a powerful public resonance. In addition, the head of Department of SBU in Odessa region Sergey Batrakov has officially demanded from the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov to cancel the decision of the city Council, which a number of streets and alleys returned to the names assigned in the Soviet Union.

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