Romani said, because of what could happen in a mass brawl in the village of Chemodanovka. This is reported by “News”, reports “Russian conversation”.

Recall that in located in the Penza region the village was a mass collision, in which one person was killed and several residents were injured.

Provoked the fight by the residents themselves, who came to one of the Roma houses. So says Nadezhda Demeter, who heads the Federal national and cultural autonomy of Russian Roma. With her words, the reason for the lynching was the quarrel of the children while swimming in a local pond.

According to the publication, there is a second version, according to which community representatives could conceivably molest minors local residents, after which residents of Chemodanovka went outside and started a fight.

Earlier in the Network appeared the frames of the detention of some participants in the brawl. Police have described the items that were used in the fight.

Recently in Moscow Putilkovo there was a mass brawl with shooting, which killed the member of spetsnaz GRU.