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In Antalya, was found dead by Julia B. was reported by the newspaper Yeni Alanya, reports “Russian conversation”.

The body of 42-year-old Ukrainian women were found in a transformer box. According to local media, the dead are suspected of prostitution.

According to the preliminary version, the woman met with a local resident and went with him to drink alcohol in the Park Muratpaşa. The pair then retired behind a transformer box, and then a Ukrainian woman was found murdered.

The suspect was soon in hot pursuit. When he was decorating a resident of Ukraine. He confessed to an intimate relationship with a Ukrainian woman and her the robbery, but denied guilt in the murder and said that the woman took the life of someone else.

Earlier, another Ukrainian was killed abroad. Go to Germany for work woman was stabbed in her rented apartment. Also in this country, was killed by a citizen of Ukraine who went to Germany on tour as a singer.