English physician told who is at risk

English physician told who is at risk. According to him, to be careful to not healthy people.

Three factors that increase the risk of death when infected with coronavirus have listed England’s chief medical officer Chris witty. Video of his speech posted on Youtube page, Now This News.

First, he noted that the disease was severe in the elderly. The risk he took people with underlying medical conditions.

“Among all the deaths from the coronavirus that causes 90% had at least one illness, for example, problems with the cardiovascular system or diabetes,” said witty.

The third decisive factor in the medic called gender. He pointed out that “unclear reasons” men get sick more often women.

In the UK the total number of infected reached 108 692, 14 576 patients died.

Previously an epidemiologist, candidate of medical Sciences, head of Reproductology of Kiev Oleg Ruban explained why the coronavirus infected doctors.

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