The members of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security, defence and intelligence during a stay in the Golden (Luhansk region) was convinced of the safety of local residents and the necessary conditions for the Ukrainian military in the Donbass FOS at a dilution of forces in the area of the demarcation line.

“As a military man I can say that what I saw today leads to the conclusion that the combined forces command, units of the interior Ministry are doing everything possible to ensure that in the framework of relevant agreements and implementation of the appropriate maneuver to maintain safety of local residents and the interests of the United forces, the Armed forces of Ukraine and Ukraine as a whole”, – said the first Deputy head of the Committee Michael Zabrodsky (the faction of “European solidarity”) at a briefing in Gold-4 on Tuesday.

Member of the Committee and the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada Irina Vereschuk (fraction “servant of the people”), in turn, noted that Ukrainian soldiers are in a satisfactory conditions all of the bunkers, fortified the frontiers, in accordance with the Charter and applicable legislation.

“We saw the food, their life, how they live, spend their free time, put in outfits. Everything is in a satisfactory condition,” she said.

Vereschuk also pointed to the positive morale and the perception of the breeding process forces the residents of Golden.

“And let everyone see and know that people were waiting for breeding, they want it was the Ukrainian army. The Donbass is Ukraine, Crimea is Ukraine, everyone knows it. There’s no separatists, no enemies of Ukraine. We actually do, probably not enough that you could feel our attention and care in full measure, but, you see, came to the President Zelensky, and you say that you felt its attention to this region,” she said.

Vereschuk expressed the hope that there will be no more debts for 5-6 months of wages to miners and other socio-economic issues will be addressed in due course.

Committee member Mariana Bezugly (fraction “servant of the people”) indicated that, according to the report of SMM OSCE manage to implement the process of breeding in Gold and Stanitsa Luganskaya, where it happened previously, and there are “prospects for peace”.

“We are realists, we understand that the situation is complex, and still much to be overcome, but here the question is that we can all have together with the locals, in the end, to ensure peace,” she said.

The head of the Committee Alexander Zavitnevich assured that its members will continue to come to Golden in full force to monitor the situation.

As reported, the dilution of forces and means have already occurred in two areas – the Village Lugansk and Golden (Luhansk region). The Ukrainian side is ready to start breeding forces in the area of Bogdanovka-Petrovskoe November 7, in the absence of attacks.