The Ukrainian side of the Joint center for coordination and control (SCCC) reported that illegal armed groups of certain regions of Donetsk region continue to organize armed provocations on the contact line of the parties and constitute an obstacle to the work of the patrols of the Special OSCE monitoring mission, reported on the website of the press center of the ATO headquarters Thursday morning.

“Yesterday, 11 October 2017, in accordance with the plan of the OSCE SMM carried out the crossing of patrols to the Mission of the division line on the road M-03 Svetlodarsk-Debaltsevo. The above-mentioned procedure provides for the entry mirror to the center of the “gray zone” on both sides of the demarcation line patrols SMM OSCE, together with representatives of the respective parties SCCC and engineers About… 14.20-14 .30 representatives of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC, as were in the advanced group and the rest to “zero” block-post, he heard shots from the village of lozovoye controlled NVF ORDO, in the direction of the village Lugansk”, – stated in the message.

The Ukrainian side of the JCCC condemns such provocative actions of illegal armed groups of certain regions of Donetsk region. “(If) have a systemic character and testify to the fact that the leadership of the ORDO cynically neglects Minsk agreements and deliberately seeks further escalation of the armed conflict in the Donbass”, – stated in the message.