The militants “LNR” will give Ukraine 11 people
Lugansk information center

The militants of the so-called “LPR” will give Ukraine 11 detained persons in the framework of today’s exchange. It is reported by news online fighters.

The bus was headed from Lugansk to the place of exchange of prisoners, which will be held on the contact line near the bridge at Happiness.

“We transfer to the Ukrainian party of 11 people, pick up 7 people. As a result of the verification, which was carried out in the videoconference, one person, who had previously turned to us for help, confirmed his refusal to participate in the exchange”, – said the representative of the “LPR” Olga Kobzeva.

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As reported, in the Donbass began the exchange of detainees with ORDO. Given the quarantine, after returning to the liberated Ukrainians will go to the visual observation. Mutual release of detained persons takes place in the framework of the format “all for all”.

The militants of the so-called “DNR” handed over to Ukraine nine people in the framework of today’s exchange in Gorlovka and PPC “Mallorcan”. Information resources of the militants clarify that the Donetsk gave Kiev 9 people, and got 10.