To seize power has tried more than 60 officers.

In Sudan, more than 60 officers tried to seize power. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the channel “al Arabiya”.

According to the channel, the rebels tried to capture the transitional military Council that has ruled the country since the overthrow of dictator Omar al-Bashir. It is reported that all the officers detained and are under investigation.

Earlier, on 5 June, it was reported that three days of clashes between protesters and security forces in Khartoum killed 60 people. Military, police and paramilitary organizations began the forceful dispersal of sit-in tent demonstration in front of the Ministry of defence of the country.

Since mid-December, 2018 in the Sudan, the ongoing mass protests which began with demands to reduce prices for bread and escalated into a political protest. On 11 April, the army of the Sudan has made the country a military coup and deposed from the presidency of the dictator Omar al-Bashir, who was in power for 30 years.

The administration of the country passed to the army formed the transitional military Council, who said that in two years will hand over the leadership in the hands of the elected officials. However, popular protests, despite promises to the military, do not cease. The protesters are demanding the immediate formation of a civilian governing body and to transfer all powers.