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Johnson said that the Ministers of great Britain and members of the Royal family will not come to Russia for the world Cup. While talking about the non-participation of the England football team (this is the only British teams who made it to the final part) is not.

“We have no plans to try to boycott the world Cup through England. Things first, decide the Football Association, and secondly, no one wants to punish the English fans. We are talking about the fact that neither the Ministers nor the members of the Royal family will not be present. Similar measures adopted by several other countries”, — quotes Johnson’s “R-Sport”.

Johnson first announced a possible boycott of the world Cup by the officials. He said that if it is proved the involvement of Russia to the poisoning of the Salisbury ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter, UK may revise the format of participation in the championship . Later, Prime Minister Theresa may said that it will be a refusal from a trip to the 2018 world Cup officials and diplomats.