Russia should not be considered Montenegro’s accession to NATO as a threat to its security, said the Minister of external economic relations and foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto.

“Russia should not consider NATO enlargement to the Western Balkans as a threat,” said szijjarto, in an interview to “Interfax”.

The Minister noted that “in this region at the moment there is a serious tension”.

“And the best, and in fact the only way out of this situation is the integration path – be it European integration, whether the North Atlantic,” said the Hungarian Minister .

Szijjarto noted that Budapest also “insist on accelerating the negotiation process on the accession of Serbia to the European Union.”

“And for this reason, we support the integration ambitions of Montenegro and Macedonia. We look at this situation not from the standpoint of Russia, and with Central European and Hungarian points of view,” said the Hungarian Minister.

“In the case of deceleration of the integration processes in the Eastern Balkans may have serious concerns about the security situation in the region,” he added.