The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko believes that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was not any pressure during a phone conversation with US President Donald trump, held in late July.

“If someone thinks that our President was under pressure, they have to determine. I know what was the conversation, and I think that no pressure existed. The conversations are different, the leaders have the right to discuss all existing problems. This conversation was a long, friendly, and concerned many issues,” he said in an interview with “Gromadska”.

In his opinion, the confrontation, in which Ukraine is trying to tighten all the suspicion that “Ukraine helped the Democrats didn’t want President was trump” is the result of “partial awareness”.

“Unfortunately, we lost in the pace of our development. People who are engaged in Ukrainian-American relations, you know that we always tried to appreciate the help from both parties. This guaranteed us that with the change of administration we will not change the priorities in relations with the United States. Do American presidents have supported us and we appreciate the support of Congress. But this does not mean that he would like to help, and could even, in theory, to help one of the parties”, – said Pristayko.

The foreign Minister also stated that Ukraine is an independent state, “we have our secrets.” “The President has the right to speak with a different President so that this conversation remained unknown to date. This is the only condition, the leaders still share important and often sensitive information. Us investigators have a right to appeal to the U.S. to obtain this information,” he said.

Speaking about the meeting assistant Zelensky Andrey Ermak in July with a private attorney trump Rudolph Giuliani, Pristayko said that there is nothing surprising in this. “Ermak – the same lawyer. I don’t see the contradiction. He is the Advisor to the President and his assistant. If a specific authority or is a less formal mechanism than the foreign Ministry, this is normal, everyone does it. The only thing that distinguishes our present situation from many previous ones, – we with Andrey Ermak are always in very close communication,” he explained.