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ASTRAKHAN, July 7. /Offset. TASS Elena Porotikova/. The regions of Russia began actively to develop gastronomic tourism, and now there is a boom in this direction, said on Friday the Director of the Department of tourism and regional policy of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Yarilova.

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“Today in Russia there is a boom in the field of gastronomic tourism, a feeling that the Russian regions staged events. Almost every subject are such gastronomic festivals. This, in particular, and “ear Yenisei” in Krasnoyarsk Krai, and “Siberian.” in the Tyumen region, and of course, holidays watermelon and soup in Astrakhan,” said Yarilova at the first international festival “Gastronomy of the Great silk road. The journey of taste” in Astrakhan .

According to her, the development of gastronomic tourism is a very important component, which affects the increase in tourist traffic. So, according to research by the UNWTO (world tourism organization, a UN Agency), 80% of travellers to build your route, after analyzing the calendar of gastronomic events. And every third tourist in the world considering the national cuisine as an important part of the journey.

Smoked catfish, pelmeni with sturgeon and Kalmyk ice cream

Today, guests of the international festival “Gastronomy of the Great silk road. The journey of taste” could get acquainted with the peculiarities of the origin of the Astrakhan cuisine. The festival is situated in the centre of Astrakhan, to try the spring rolls of catfish, fish burgers, croquettes of Zander, carp fried eggs, various fish rolls. And in one of the cafes offered smoked catfish recipe Astrakhan Governor.

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“We know that tourists spend almost 30% of its expenditure on food. So glad that the Astrakhan range of products expanding. For example, there was a cheesy band, and we used cheese has never worked, there are different jam and sun-dried tomatoes, something that at one time was exported to Russia from Italy. That is Astrakhan in this direction begins to declare itself,” – said the head of the Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin.

At the festival in Astrakhan will host two gala dinner on the ground will be presented to Astrakhan cuisine, on the second their culinary masterpieces will present Russian and foreign chefs. The organizers said that the “local” menu will be included, including pelmeni with sturgeon, the Caspian’s ear, pies with bone, crayfish and ice-cream of Kalmyk tea. Foreign dishes are still kept secret.

In the international gastronomy forum is attended by experts in the field of tourism, food manufacturers, restaurateurs and hoteliers from different countries, including from Kazakhstan, Greece, China, Spain, Armenia and Indonesia. In addition to private dinners and cooking classes will also include round tables for exchange of experience. The festival will end on 9 July.