The Ministry of culture of Ukraine will initiate the allocation of UAH 100 million from the state budget for financial support of the Ukrainian cultural Fund in 2018.

“We offer to provide the financing of the Ukrainian cultural Fund of the state budget of Ukraine in the amount of 100 million UAH”, – said the Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk during the meeting on issues of implementation of the law “About the Ukrainian cultural Foundation” on Tuesday in Kyiv.

The Minister noted that the law provides for the funding of its activities in the amount of 8% of the total amount of the Fund, i.e., 8 million UAH.

Also 8% of the funds will be spent on the maintenance of current activities of the expert councils of the Foundation.

The remaining 84 million UAH will be allocated for financing of cultural projects.

Also, the Fund can provide financing with funds obtained from donors .

“Only for the first half of 2017, the Ministry of culture received more than 100 applications for support to various cultural projects, totaling about 19 million UAH”, – said E. nischuk.

He expressed hope that with the launch of the Fund from 1 January 2018, the amount of funds from donors will increase.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance added that since 2018 will be prepared by the beginning of work of Fund, for financing this work it is possible to allocate funds from the state budget in 2017, provided that if the relevant legal entity will be registered at the time of consideration by the Verkhovna Rada the draft amendments to the budget.

The Minister of culture also expressed the need to address the issue of placement of the Fund.

It is assumed that the management Fund will consist of 40 staff members, including the Executive Director, with a separate plan to create expert councils, which should cover all the spheres of art, 7 for each direction (in total about 91 specialist), which will be paid.

Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko stressed that until June 26 should be made all the necessary changes to subordinate legislation to the law could be implemented.