Punishment for dealers of tickets to museums and theatres came up with the Ministry of culture. Cunning businessmen will penalize. The Agency prepared amendments to the administrative code and “fundamentals of culture legislation”.

photo: pixabay.com

As explained in the Ministry of culture, until 2010, the country had quite a hard procedure for the return tickets. Hand it to the cashier, it was possible not later than three days prior to the event. The audience were recovered 50% of the cost of the ticket. But then these rules have been cancelled. As a result, complain to officials, the dealers feel at ease. Now they are without fear of losing money buying the party tickets and trying to resell them at an inflated price.

And if the Scam fails, just hand over tickets in cash on the day of play or show, getting the full cost back. As a result, the organizer of the event is a huge loss, because the chance to sell a ticket for a few hours before the event is almost zero . To rein in speculators, the office has developed new rules for the sale and return of tickets. So, sell them by law can either the organizers (museums, theatres, galleries), or authorised by them under the contract of the company.

See the list of such legitimate dealers will be on the sites of the founders of cultural events. “Drive” ticket at a price higher than listed, it says, will not work: this scheme is planned to be outlawed. If the ticket is sold with violation of the new rules or there will be a correction, it will be considered invalid. In addition, the Museum or concert hall can set the requirement to verify the identity of each viewer according to his passport. For offenders sale and return of tickets set fines. For citizens, from three to five thousand rubles. For officials – 35-50 thousand. If the receiver gets a businessman – trader, he will have to pay 200-500 thousand rubles fine. And for the companies the sanction will be from 700 thousand to one million rubles.