MOSCOW, April 25. /TASS/. Russian defense Ministry is counting on Frank discussion and exchange of views at the VI Moscow conference on international security. This was announced by Deputy defense Minister Lieutenant-General Alexander Fomin at the meeting with state Secretary – Deputy Minister of defence of Singapore Mohamed Maliki Bin Osman, which took place on the eve of the conference.

“We are pleased that the Singapore at such a high level takes part in the Moscow international conference. We expect, of course, a Frank discussion, dialogue with you and with representatives of all regions of the world on issues of global and regional security,” – said Fomin.

He stressed that Russia considers Singapore as a key partner in the Pacific region, and devotes considerable attention to the development of bilateral relations.

The Deputy Minister also noted the active role of Singapore in international format and in such mnohostranne format as ASEAN (SMPA + and Shangrila-Dialogue) .

In turn, Deputy defense Minister Sinhaputhra thanked the leadership of the Ministry of defence for the invitation and expressed his condolences in connection with terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg. “What happened, it’s a huge misfortune, a huge tragedy. And we certainly condemn such acts. The issues of security and transnational terrorism is the number one problem you want to discuss today,” said Bin Osman. According to him, the conference provides the opportunity to discuss security concerns facing today in all regions of the world.

“Of course, the importance of this forum is recognized. Especially against the background of the situation in the world. These forums are extremely important, extremely necessary. We are here to share their views and opinions on the prospects of cooperation in various areas”, – concluded the Deputy head of the military Department of Singapore.