Military Department of the USA and Poland during the Washington negotiations of Deputy Ministers of defence of two countries, John Ore and Tomasz Shatkovsky has made progress in increasing the number of American military on Polish territory, according to the Pentagon the night on Saturday.

“Deputy Minister of defense for political Affairs John Rood and Deputy Minister of national defence of Poland Tomasz shatkovskaya today (Friday – if) continued discussion and examination of options to improve the security of the Eastern flank of NATO through increased and sustained presence of American forces and opportunities in Poland” – said in a joint U.S.-Polish statement released by the Pentagon.

It is noted that these steps “will be supported by the Polish government.”

“The U.S. Department of defense and the Ministry of national defence of Poland are making significant progress and will continue the discussion”, – the document says.

“More deep and close relationship between the USA and Poland in the field of security is crucial to counter the current threats and challenges in the security sphere”, – said side.