Bonds of internal state loan (government bonds) have become attractive for non-residents, that from September 2017 has already invested more than $200 million, said Deputy Minister of Finance Yuriy Butsa.

“Next year we will simplify the access of non-residents”, – he said at the final press conference of the Ministry of Finance in Kiev on Tuesday.

J. Butz noted that one of the simplifications is the possibility of international Depositary record-keeping of government bonds.

In his opinion, this will attract more non-residents in 2018 and reduce the borrowing cost.

Commenting on the increased supply of foreign bonds at the end of the year, J. Butz stated: it is part of the plan.

“As for next year, we have now adequate foreign exchange liquidity . However, we plan to continue internal borrowing in the national currency and in foreign currency because we have an obligation in the framework of cooperation with the IMF, which refers to the need for the rollover of domestic foreign currency loans, so that they do not lead to the reduction of foreign exchange reserves”, – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.