MOSCOW, December 19. /TASS/. The new national security Strategy the US has a confrontational orientation, specifies the line is not constructive interaction, and confrontation. This was stated on Tuesday at the foreign Ministry.

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USA spoke about the new national security strategy

“We find it regrettable confrontational orientation of the new national security Strategy of the United States, published 18 Dec. Her key message – “peace from a position of strength” sets the line on constructive cooperation on an equal footing with other countries in order to jointly solve existing problems, and opposition, – noted in the Russian dipvedomstva. – Instead of setting the task of building relations document demonstrates the desire at all costs to save significantly weakened American dominance in the international arena”.

Here, said the foreign Ministry, and “scattered throughout the text anti-Russian passages” . “Strengthening the economic and military power of Russia and China, served as a challenge for the United States. In other words, in Washington clearly do not want to see our country strong powers, fearing a complete loss of its former position, – the Ministry said. Therefore, we are accused of infringement in “the world order”, under which, apparently, refers to the unipolar world order, focused solely on American interests and needs.”

As pointed out on Smolensk square, in the programme of action States that “the Central axis of history is the struggle for power.” “This is the goal that on a global scale long subordinated to us policy. The new strategy nothing can be changed, but only openly called to aspire to the United States, and reflected the growing in Washington, the uncertainty about the strength of their positions”, he continued in dipvedomstva.

“I reiterate: are ready to build partnerships with the United States, which should not be the attempts of dictate and interference in our internal Affairs. Authentic productive partnership is possible only on the principles of equality and mutual respect,” the Ministry said.

The white house on Monday issued the new national security Strategy of the United States. Several points relate to Russia. In particular, stating that the ambitions of Russia and its military capabilities create an “unstable boundary” in Eurasia, where the risks of armed conflict are rising allegedly due to miscalculations of Moscow. It is also argued that Russia and China challenge the influence and interests of the United States and “trying to dilute American security and prosperity.”