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MOSCOW, August 25. /TASS/. Joint military exercises of Russia and Belarus “West-2017” are purely defensive in nature, and the real number of deployed personnel and military equipment are much lower than stated in the foreign media. This was stated on Friday, the Russian foreign Ministry.

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“Joint strategic exercises of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus “West-2017″ are purely defensive in nature,” said the Russian depodesta.

“Fanning the hype is artificial and is clearly calculated to demonstrate to the Western public, “the validity of the” costly measures to deploy in Poland and the Baltic States enhanced forward presence and increasing military activity of NATO, – said the Ministry . – I would like to emphasize that these actions lead to the buildup of military tensions in Europe, which is now ostentatiously complain about Western “soldiers of the pen and the microphone.”

The size and transparency

The Ministry of foreign Affairs rejected the assumption that the number of participants is deliberately understated and are not provided with sufficient transparency. “The total number of personnel and military equipment does not exceed the level required observation of certain military activities, established by the Vienna document 2011, – noted in the foreign Ministry. – So, to participate in the exercises, which will take place from 14 to 20 September, it is planned to attract up to 12700 military (7,200 – from the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus, 5,500 people from the armed forces of the Russian Federation, including on the territory of the Republic of Belarus – about 3,000 people), about 70 aircraft and helicopters, and 680 pieces of equipment, including about 250 tanks, 200 guns, rocket systems of volley fire and mortars, to 10 ships.”

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“This is very far from the figures that are thrown in the media in connection with the upcoming exercises,” the Ministry said.

At the same time, indicated in dipvedomstva, Belarus on their own initiative invited to observe the teachings of the representatives of the UN, OSCE, NATO, CIS, CSTO and the ICRC, military-diplomatic corps of foreign countries, military observers from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Sweden and Norway, and held a briefing at the OSCE forum on cooperation in the field of security. “We welcome these steps of the Belarusian side,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Russian military experts held a briefing on the upcoming exercise on July 13 in the headquarters of NATO, added in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Until the end of August, the defense Ministry will hold another one for members of the military-diplomatic corps of foreign countries accredited in Russia.