The Ministry of health of Ukraine by its order of August 15, 2019 completed the formation of the Registry of medicines subject to reimbursement by the governmental program “Accessible medicines”, according to the website of the National health service.

According to a report in the new edition of the Registry number of medicines for free distribution to patients with cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and asthma increased by 14 positions.

The formation of the registry was engaged in NCSU.

The new edition of the registry contains 254 medicines subject to reimbursement. Of them on nosology: 195 – for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, 45 of type II diabetes, 14 bronchial asthma.

In the new Registry, the number of free medicines to patients increased by 14 positions from 64 to 78. In the Register of medicines subject to reimbursement includes not only medicines produced by domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers, but also manufacturers of EU countries, and Israel.

As reported, NCSU implements the government program reimbursement from 1 April 2019.

As of 15 August with 5.2 million e-prescriptions issued redeemed 4.2 million More than 1.1 million patients received the necessary medication for free or a small fee.




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