The court in the Hague



The Ministry of information policy have gathered 5 of the main facts lie the Russian delegation at the International court of justice in the Hague, which is considering a lawsuit against Ukraine

About this on his page in Facebook said the Deputy head of the MIP Dmitry Zolotukhin.

“Events in Eastern Ukraine are not military aggression, but an inner-Ukrainian conflict is a LIE. In fact – the creation, financial support and military training of the relevant paramilitary organizations in the Donbas was conducted by Russian forces in 2009-the year in preparation for actions against Ukraine”, – he led the first fact lies the Russians Zolotukhin.

In addition, according to him, state bodies and public organizations of Ukraine have had and continue to have gigabytes of evidence about the presence of Russian troops on the sovereign territory of Ukraine .

As noted by the Deputy Minister, another lie from the Russian Federation – alleged flight Malaysian airlines MH-17 in the Donbas could be shot down by the Ukrainian military, because the relevant part of the APU and appliances, could also be in the approach to the crash site and an international inquiry Commission and JIT do not consider the Russian evidence. “Investigators have long played all of the facts and aspects of how the BUK-M1 that killed 298 people was brought to the territory of Ukraine from Russia, was under the control of Russian mercenaries and managed and their sponsored terrorists, and fired a missile from a specified place”, – said the Deputy Minister.

Lied to the Russians in the Hague and that Russian arms and Russian military “in the Donbass no.” As noted Zolotukhin, governmental and non-governmental organizations, journalists, experts and volunteers have already collected gigabytes of evidence that members of the regular Russian military units were in the Donbas, used a weapon, were involved in the clashes, supplied weapons and heavy equipment of Russian production of terrorists.

Lied to the Russian delegation about the fact that Ukraine adheres to the Minsk agreements. “The escalation in Avdeevka was provoked by Pro-Russian terrorists in 5 hours after a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. The volunteers of the international community “Normnal” fixed armored vehicles and heavy artillery, which was in close proximity to the contact line, that violates the rules of the agreements in the framework of the Minsk agreements”, – said the Deputy head of the MIP.

The most cynical Russian delegation was when he said that the current so-called “blockade” on Donbass testifies, “that, maybe Ukraine itself is a sponsor of terrorism?”. “The Ukrainian enterprises have not yet managed to steal the Russians, citizens of Ukraine, who receive a salary and pay taxes to the Ukrainian budget. These citizens of Ukraine held by terrorists in hostages and in need of international assistance and protection in the international court!” – said Zolotukhin.

As reported, during today’s hearings at the International court of justice in the Hague Director of the legal Department of the MFA of Russia Roman Kolodkin objected the legal and factual basis for the implementation of the International court of justice measures, which insisted Ukraine during the first day of hearings in the Hague in the framework of the lawsuit against Russia.

He also accused Ukraine that in its lawsuit against Russia, she allegedly “wants to connect two different situations are managed by different legal instruments” and “to involve the court in relations between Russia and Ukraine, which are clearly outside the jurisdiction of this case”.

The International court of justice in the Hague from 6 to 9 March pass preliminary hearings under the claim of Ukraine against Russia concerning the violation of the International Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism and the International Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination. The current hearings dedicated to Ukraine filed the request for the indication of provisional measures to prevent the continuing violations by Russia for trial on the merits.

The Ukrainian side, in particular, asks the international court to achieve from Russia to immediately cease financial and other support “groups who resorted to acts of terrorism against civilians in Ukraine,” and to put pressure on these groups, so that they in the future do not commit such acts, and to refrain from discrimination in the Crimea.

As noted on March 6, during a speech in the Hague, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European integration Olena zerkal, Ukraine requires compensation for Russia’s violation of international treaties.