The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine intends to appoint the following evacuation flights from a number of countries for export of Ukrainians home.

“Let’s start with Israel, because there is most urgent visa issue. Then the United States, where our people also ends a tourist visa. Further, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand. In Europe also there are a number of countries, including due to the closure of travel within the Schengen zone, we will have to evacuate people by planes,” said infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

He said that the planned removal of Ukrainians also from Italy and Spain. In this case, all returning to Ukraine citizens will be subject to mandatory 14-day observation.

As noted Crickley, through “Friend” of the Ministry of foreign Affairs has registered more than 9 thousand of citizens who want to return to Ukraine.

At the same time, according to the Minister, many Ukrainians returned to the country trying by all means to avoid quarantine, which greatly complicates all the evacuation processes.

“Despite this, we, of course, will continue to organize export flights. Let’s start with the most critical countries where the people have expired visas, so there was no reason for any readmisie against them. Already planning these routes, we will start them in about a week after Easter, I think,” said the Minister of infrastructure.

As reported, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine expects within a month to allocate financial assistance to airlines SkyUp, “Ukraine International airlines”(UIA), Windrose (“WINDROSE”), and Azur Air Ukraine for the implementation of evacuation flights.




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