The Ministry of justice promises since may of this year to allow for electronic tendering seized property of other participants, in addition to HP “SETS,” said state Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) Agia Zagrebelsky.

“Representatives of the Ministry of justice has assured us that in may 2018 on the basis of the existing system will be implemented an API function which was one of the requirements of the market. From this time begins the access to the market of electronic platforms in the partner status GP “SETS”, – she wrote on his page on the social network Facebook on Thursday.

Meanwhile, an Executive order enshrining the exclusive function of the organizer of the electronic auctions of seized property per SE “SETS”, published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers .

As reported, the AMC in 2016 has conducted a market study of the sale of seized property and ordered the justice Ministry to amend regulatory legal acts, which will include the ability to carry out activities in the market of sale of seized property through electronic trading not only state-owned enterprises “SETS”, but also other entities. In particular, the AMC addressed the Cabinet of Ministers a proposal to revise the order of the government №212 from 11 Mar 2015 to ensure competitive conditions in the market of sale of seized property.

Meanwhile, the government on 31 January adopted a Directive which establishes that “SETS” the monopoly functions of the organizer of the electronic auctions of seized property.