EKATERINBURG, 23 Dec. /TASS/. Members of the Congress of the Monarchist party, which took place on Saturday in Ekaterinburg, has nominated the leader of the party, the Russian politician and businessman Anton Borkov a presidential candidate. About it Tanks TASS reported.

“At the Congress of the Monarchist party of 45 regional offices by secret ballot voted for my candidacy. None against did not vote”, – said Tanks .

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He stressed that the Moscow branch did not arrive at the Congress of the Monarchist party in Yekaterinburg, although he was warned about his conduct beforehand. “There were about 20 people from the Sverdlovsk regional election Committee which was represented by the Central electoral Commission. They are photographed, checked the documents, no comments were received,” – said Tanks.

Bakov is the leader of the Monarchist party of Russia, Deputy of the state Duma of the IV convocation, as well as Sverdlovsk regional Duma and the legislative Assembly of the region, participated in elections of the mayor of Yekaterinburg in 1995 and the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region in 2003. Also known to project the virtual state, “the Russian Empire”, in which 2017 was transformed into the Romanov Empire, headed by the heir of the Romanov dynasty Nicholas III. In this state, holds a position of arcancia, he was granted the title “his Serene Highness”.

Monarchist party of the Russian Federation is a Russian political party created by Bakov. The first in modern Russia, officially registered and admitted to the elections, the party of the monarchist wing. Proclaims to establish in Russia a constitutional monarchy “peaceful, constitutional means, in accordance with accepted democratic procedures, in strict accordance with the current legislation”.