This anniversary and the fortieth account of the festival will be held not in June, as usual, and from 19 to 26 April. This is due to the upcoming world Cup, the timing of which coincided with the original dates of the festival. Selectors working in emergency mode, like a fire brigade. Urgently necessary to select films and invite guests, but it is well-known and busiest filmmakers, graphics which are painted for some years forward. To do such quality work in such a short time is impossible. One can only sympathize with those who have to solve a very heavy task.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

And suddenly another surprise! On 6 February there was information that the Directorate of the festival, headed by Nikita Mikhalkov dramatically changes policy regarding one of their most popular sections is the “Russian programs”. Performed them in the House of cinema, where the audience was so much that to sit they had on the floor . According to the Secretary of the organization of the Union of cinematographers of Mikhail Kalinin (that he laid the thankless mission of announcement a not very pleasant information that could cause scandal in the community), the festival’s management decided to organize instead of the usual “Russian programs” something like a film market and not in the House of cinema, and more modern biznesledi. Will be there to show Russian films. On the need of the market within the festival speak for a long time, but stroke not organize it. And in the House of cinema will now show regional cinema. It is the Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation and its Youth center.

Piquant detail — the people, many years formed the “Russian initiative”, and professionally and efficiently, was not notified by the Directorate of the Moscow international film festival about the impending change. In particular, nothing about the change didn’t know the artistic Director of the “Russian programs” — film critic Irina Pavlova. She appealed to the Directorate for clarification, but the distinct answer have not received. No one thanked her team for their efforts through the years. Just picked up and removed from the list as unnecessary. It is known that formed a new team. And the fact that the former has done a great job and invited to participate in the festival distinguished Russian Directors, no account did not.