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Good Friday is the most sorrowful day for Christians. This year it falls on April 17.

The Liturgy of good Friday is imbued with the spirit of sacrificial love and boundless mercy to the human race. At Matins, read 12 Gospels of the Holy Passion of Christ, and at Vespers shall be made shroud to sing the Canon of the crucifixion of the Lord and “the lament of the virgin”.

What is the shroud?

The shroud is a plat, which shows a full-length Lord Jesus Christ lying in the tomb. After removal of the shroud mounted on a special platform in the center of the temple. It is customary to anoint and decorate with flowers in memory of the myrrh-bearing women anointed with perfume the body of the deceased Christ.

What not?

Good Friday is recommended to abstain from food until the time of the shroud. After this action allowed to eat bread and drink water, but no more. All the Easter preparation must be completed the day before, on Maundy Thursday, and Friday is dedicated to the service and prayers.