MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS./ Muscovites, whose property has suffered because of the snow, are more likely to refer to the insurers, told TASS representatives of insurance companies.

The number of appeals from the accident scene to the insurance company “MAX” in the period from 2 to 4 February grew by about 20%, said the head of the call center of the company Sergey Timohin. “The number of cases where cars were damaged by falling branches from the trees, and also due to hitting a snow-covered low fences and a variety of rebar”, he said.

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Timokhin said that 2 February, the company received 178 calls related to the accident, February 3 123 treatment 4 Feb – 147. It was as CASCO and OSAGO . In this way, customers apply for insurance and damage from branches, although insurance such damage not covered, the company said (the insurance policy only insures the liability of the culprit – approx. TASS.)

“Ingosstrah” also notes a significant increase in the number of calls from customers in a contact center company. “So, on Sunday calls were two times more than usual. Today the flow of calls more 20-25% than usual on Mondays. As a rule, call people and ask questions on situations related to fallen trees, traffic accidents with snowplows. All of this potential insurance claims on hull,” said Director of public relations of company “Ingosstrakh” Karen Asoyan.


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AlfaStrakhovanie has recorded about a dozen cases in recent days – mostly complaints about the falling snow or of trees, loss of electricity in the areas. “But most calls asking how to get out of drifts and where you can get a shovel for this. We are considering the creation of mobile groups to evacuate customers ‘ cars from the snow captivity,” – said the official representative of “AlfaStrakhovanie”.

In “VTB Insurance” such appeals have not yet been reported, said a company representative.