The enticing spectators amicably rushed in PR. They attracted visitors by catching pokemon, which spread within its walls. It began to produce the exhibits outside the buildings, in the streets, in subway stations. Now here is the Museum of history of Yekaterinburg caused a sensation by opening a vacancy for the position of “man—antivolume”, that is, someone drove away from the building birds.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

For hard work promised a salary of 20 thousand rubles. Here is what the press service of the Museum: “Feathered friends thanks to their bombing and subsequent bombing of the already “painted” facade of the Museum in white color and seek to “whitewash” all the passers-by, including our coffee. So if you are not afraid of the evil eye birds, you are ready to carry out air defence and to inform passersby that it is not necessary to feed birds pilots, you are worthy to become a superhero, man-antiglobal” .

All in passers-by who constantly feed birds, say Museum officials. While it is planned to open the vacancy for two months. “Man—indigolab” should be convincing appearance, not to allow people to feed the pigeons and at the same time to chase birds. In parallel, it is necessary to distribute informational materials about the Museum. Schedule promise the standard – the five-day week, with days off on Saturday and Sunday, which is strange. As more than just walking and feeding the birds off. For two days the entire five-day work may go down the drain.

Authors dashing ideas can be understood: on the one hand, they work in a building – monument of architecture, on the other, the news of unexpected posts will attract attention to the Museum and its exhibitions. That is going to work, the staff of the history you know, since recently already checked. They announced the casting for the position of Keeper of the Water tower on the Plotinka:

“Friends! The fact that our Water tower has no Keeper, a kind of “eye of Sauron”. This person needs to be vigilant and responsible, as the Dark Lord, to conduct tours for everyone to look into the tower to take care of her and to collect tribute in cash. Remember that Sauron did not drink and did not smoke!”.

The announcement caused a stir in Yekaterinburg. The locals say on social media, the number of visitors to the Museum then has increased markedly. So many can take an example of how creative and free to advertise your building and stored in her collection.