Rumors Moscow is rife and so it happened: we signed a contract for five years for the hire of the musical Theatre Mikhail Shvydkoi building of the theater “Russia” (ex. the cinema “Pushkin”). Accordingly, concluding the season in July in DK. Gorbunova on Fili, TM will open a new page of his biography in September is now on Pushkin square. The founder of the theatre Mikhail Shvydkoy commented, “MK” nuances of the landmark move.


— Michael Efimovich, why are you moving and what will have to face in a new place?

— To be honest, we were not going to leave the building DK im. Gorbunova. But when I found out that our lease, at the Stage entertainment theatre building on Pushkin, seriously. Thought, because all our like a wonderful relationship with the plant. Khrunichev, was very considerable rent in DK. Gorbunova. Also, as far as we know, the Khrunichev plant will participate in the corporatization . Therefore, any contract that is now signed is a contract only for a year, that theatre is always difficult. It is clear that we have invested in building on Fili’s soul, and it is with great sadness thinking about what we will have to leave. But, after weighing all the circumstances, decided that the development of theater is a chance. When you open this door of opportunity, it is a sin to slam.

And when are you leaving?

— Our season on Fili, we finish on July 16. And the new season we plan to open on Pushkin at the end of September.

Rooms are very different?

Lounge at the DK Gorbunova — 1206 and Pushkinskaya, about 1760. But we still want to make some changes in the hall — make it more theatrical (which does not impact on the screenings). Need to do something on the stage, behind the scenes. After all, when you enter the house, which leaves even the most prudent master, however, I want to paint the wall in that paint that you love. And to do everything to your taste. So now I will start to work specially trained people — designers, architects. Small changes will occur in the performances because of the differences in scenes, that does not affect the quality.

And it will not affect whether a new location on the style of the performances?

— I very much thought. Join us for Philly people had to come deliberately. We have formed a conscious, not a random audience. And we focused on this audience — a broad, omnivorous, from children to senior people. And, of course, on Pushkin square, we are very afraid to lose its audience, especially one who lived not far from the theater, and referred to as the TM to the district attractions. The city centre is something else, a lot of tourists. On may holidays I saw Pushkin was full of young people, they wanted of the holiday, and for them we may be in a random place. Have to think about it again, is not to lose its audience and acquire new ones.