National Council on television and radio broadcasting decided to apply to the court for the revocation of licenses 17 of broadcasters and program service providers because of violations of statutory deadlines the regulator information about the ownership structure or the complete disregard for this requirement.

As noted on the website of the national Council, of the company in respect of which gosregulyator decided to apply to the court, violated this provision of the law for the first time.

In the list of companies whose license the national Council intends to revoke, includes: Gorokhovskiy district edition of wired broadcasting, “TKS Polissya”, “Zaporozhye digital communication”, “East Kargo TRANS”, “Appiah”, “Digitalfly Ukraine”, “on”, “TV World”, “TRK “Social state”, “TeleSystems of Ukraine”, “Tisa”, “fast Media”, “Smart buy”, “TRK MA”, “KS Plus”, “Odessa digital communications” and “MediaNet-invest”.

In addition, the national Council decided to fine the 43 companies due to the refusal or untimely submission of information about ownership structure.

The regulator noted that the failure to submit or late submission of such information, as well as providing information not corresponding to reality, is the basis for the application of the penalty in the amount of 5% of the total license fees for all licenses owned by the violators.

The least amount of fines under this article were 0.44 UAH. the highest – 12,85 thousand UAH.




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