Senior assistant Vice-President Mike Pence was present during a telephone conversation of the American leader Donald trump and President Vladimir Zelensky, reports The Washington Post.

“One of the main advisers of a Penny was present during the call on 25 July, and the Vice President were to have access to the transcript within a few hours”, – said the publication informed sources.

According to them, the conversation trump and Zelensky was watched by the adviser Pence for national security Keith Kellogg. They reported that Kellogg did not see in the conversation is nothing unusual and has not expressed any concern on this matter to the Vice-President.

The newspaper notes that it is unclear whether counted Vice-President, this conversation is unworthy of attention, or he couldn’t read it.

However, officials close to the Pens, insist that he didn’t know about trump’s attempts to convince Zelensky need to start an investigation against hunter Biden – son of the former Vice-President Joe Biden.

They believe that the Vice President went to Warsaw for a meeting with Zelensky September 1, likely without reading, or at least not fully examining the transcript of the conversation with trump leader of Ukraine.

At the same time, according to assistant Pence, office of White house counsel warned the Vice President’s office about the existence of the complaint of the informant until the day when it became public.

As reports the edition, during a meeting with Zelensky, the Vice-President reported that military assistance to Ukraine will be frozen amid concerns about the lack of domestic efforts to combat corruption.

He also stressed the disappointment of the trump that of the European Union, in his opinion, does not perform sufficient work to provide assistance to Ukraine.

It is noted that in his speech Pence did not mention Biden or investigation against his son.

But some sources suggested that probably the remark of the Vice-President of the United States of corruption was interpreted as a sign.

The head of administration of Pence mark Shorts rejected these accusations, saying: “the President always showed concern about corruption and the lack of burden-sharing between European partners, so, after the anti-corruption campaign, Zelensky was receptive to these messages.”

He also noted that after the meeting a Penny Zelensky and promised assistance to Ukraine was provided.

As said knowledgeable officials, upon returning to Washington Pence told Trump that Zelensky, it seems, “was good in the fight against corruption.” The Vice President expressed confidence that the President of Ukraine, surrounds himself with “good people” and urged trump to disburse aid.

Trump 25 in a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky touched upon the subject of the investigation against hunter Biden – son of the former Vice-President Joe Biden.

The message given to his leadership of us intelligence. It is at the request of the congressmen was given to them for review. This post of intelligence officer was the reason for that on Wednesday, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi announced the decision to start the procedure, the purpose of which is to determine whether there are grounds for impeachment Trump.