The press service of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine drew attention of journalists to the sending of messages from an IP address registered in Russia, and asks you to be careful.

“Recently have become frequent provocations of the Russian intelligence services in the information sphere. So, today (11 June – if) supposedly from the press service of the NSDC of Ukraine media outlets were sent a meaningless message content from an IP address registered in Russia”, – said the press service.

The press service of the national security Council, speaks to journalists with the request to be attentive to the content of the messages and senders.

Later in the day, the press center of staff ATO page on the social network Facebook announced that on June 11, 2017 the Russian intelligence services attempted to discredit the press center of the headquarters of the Antiterrorist operation in the Ukrainian information environment .

“To this end, the enemy sent out on behalf of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine e-mail with the following content: “Please place the videos on their resources, citing the press center of staff ATO. Comment to the video: Success on the Mariupol direction. Today our warriors have made another step to liberate the territory of Donetsk region from the Russian-terrorist forces. The armed forces of Ukraine successfully moved up to 1000-1500 meters in the village of Pikuz (Krasnoarmeisky district). The militants retreated, losing 10 men killed, and one BMP. From our side no losses. Please note that under the Minsk agreements should be under the control of Ukraine. P. S. details of today’s battle will be announced during the briefing of the representative of the headquarters ATO”,” – the press-center of staff ATO, quoting the text of the fake messages sent on behalf of the Council.

The headquarters of the ATO also noted that the Ukrainian media during the years of the Russian aggression against Ukraine has learned to distinguish the real stories from the front from staging, but in the case of emergence of doubts in authenticity of any information regarding the ATO, are encouraged to apply directly at the press center of the ATO.

“In addition, we inform you that the press center of staff ATO always publishes its information solely on the official page in social network Facebook, the official website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, portal Military TV of Ukraine”, – noted in the press center of staff ATO.