During a visit to the family of the famous floating Museum on the aircraft carrier Lexington managed to capture on video the Ghost. As you know, in 1991 the ship was decommissioned and put on eternal joke on the North beach of Corpus Christi Texas as a Museum of the history of the Navy and the US air force under the open sky. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As noted by the staff
this Museum, tourists have repeatedly said about the strange anomalies that
happened on golubom prizrake. A family of tourists decided
descend into the lower compartments of the ship and started to whistle to attract attention

Suddenly a heavy metal door gave way,
and then began to clap loudly, as if someone had locked it from inside.

Previously, the Internet blew up flight footage of dark Ghost that chased through the corridors of an abandoned building, Royal air force .

One of the researchers
paranormal phenomena says that while shooting the above figure
went unnoticed. Moreover, I didn’t hear any sounds or steps
when he left the room.