One of the most interesting projects of the Russian television samye shocking gipotezy devoted to the study of the mysteries of the human subconscious and the investigation of the sensational theories and historical facts have provided a list of Martian anomalies. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

So, the luckiest
catcher anomalies on the Fiery planet said that he had at the time
the existence of a private channel not to be named, type of activity. Journalists
the world’s leading Newspapers and television channels have repeatedly asked him for an interview, but
was always refused.

As he noted ufologist,
the creation of this video is a part of his life because he managed
to provide the international community with evidence of the existence of aliens on

Previously at the bottom of a Martian lake Gillespie found a 1.5-meter statue of a Roman patrician .

The statue is located at the bottom
Martian lake Gillespie, the age of which nearly 4 000 000 years.
Presumably, the Martian humanoid figure rising to half a meter. Features
faces and clothing are clearly visible in the picture. The statue is clothed in a long robe with
ornament on the head wearing a pointed headdress.