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As you can see on the video, the man complaining
mess in the house and yelling at the girls, standing along the walls. Girls, according to
around, afraid to look him in the eye. Suddenly, he kicks one of them, requiring
to turn to him, reports Russian Dialogue.

“And they still complain!” – surprised father-a monster.

After this video ends abruptly, but what a nightmare
will happen next, even scary to imagine. This video is another
proof, what kind of father Mikhail Khachaturyan was really.

Previously, the investigators found that the sisters Khachaturian was telling the truth about decades of abuse of father, including of a sexual nature.
However, the UK refused to initiate a criminal case against the head of the family.

Lawyer Alexei Parshin said that the decision was taken in
connection with the death of the suspect. The defense hopes that the criminal case in
for young girls will close.