The Network got a terrible video, which depicted as a huge 7-metre long Python swallowed a 25-year-old boy. Previously a young man went missing after KK went to collect palm oil. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Concerned friends and
relatives began to search for a missing man. And only the next evening
found a giant Python, lounging in the garden. Was immediately noticeable
that the Python swallowed something big. Relatives were afraid that maybe their favorite
Akbar was strangled and swallowed him.

Unfortunately, the terrible
assumptions of the relatives came to pass, after all, unpicked carcass of the giant they found
the dead young man.

video shows how the locals cut the belly of the Python, removing from there
the body of the unfortunate Akbar Saluber.

Previously in Florida found a giant 5-metre Python that swallowed the three deer .

Inside the huge Python
discovered a half-digested remains of adult female white-tailed deer
the weight of which was about forty-five pounds and two small fawns
seventeen and thirteen pounds.