The Network got footage of the new bronevytsky troops in Palmyra. According to experts, this uniform looks different even from the latest equipment of the “Warrior”. As you know, Kevlar – a material five times stronger than steel. The armor based on it is much lighter than comparable steel plates. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

For example, body armor
6Б43 included in the set of “Warrior” protects even close
distance from the bullets of small arms. It can be used in all
climatic zones at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees.

As noted
military experts, despite all the difficulties, the Russian developers
managed to get to the forefront in the creation of fabric and composite
of armor materials.

Previously, the Network got footage of the “armor of the soldier of the future” ratnik, which makes the Russian soldier is invincible .

So, during a training exercise in
The suburbs servicemen demonstrated the principle of operation of all systems of “Warrior”.
As known, the first development of this ammunition began 6 years ago, but
the first test was held in December 2012 at the suburban site “Alabino”.