On the red planet, the representatives of the research world have discovered a giant trench depth of 45 kilometres in width, its dimensions are 24 kilometers. As stated by scientists, this formation became possible due to the unification of the two craters is a unique size. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Craters formed in
the same time, but there are a number of ideas as to how it happened.
For example, an object could be split into smaller pieces after it
penetrated the atmosphere, quickly hitting on the surface in the same place. In
as an alternative, he could break into two or three parts the first
contact with the surface, the forward movement of the new fragments has led to
the emergence of the second and third crater.

According to the second theory,
the formation of this deepening could lead to double or triple asteroids .

Informed ufologists came across photos of a giant lizard.

In turn, skeptics
I believe that it is only the petrified body of the once living creature, or
just a stone rock resembling the outline of a lizard.